Finding Cheap Insurance Quotes Online

In the old days it was not easy finding things that you were looking for. Before the telephone people had to walk around looking for the things that were put to find. When the telephone came around, it made things easier, like if you were looking for cheap insurance quotes. The first thing you would do, when you wanted to find something by using the telephone is call to operator.

The help desk would be able to point you in the right direction. See, they did not have telephone directory back then, so you would need to call the operator to find a number or a company. They would then put your through to the company you want, or give you the number so that you could dial it directly.

After a few years, looking for a number or a person or company became a bit easier, because they started bringing out the telephone directory as we know it today. You would be able to search for numbers without making a call to the operator like you used to do in the earlier days of the telephone.

This meant that you were able to call up a friend without going through an operator, which made things much easier, but this meant that you would have to remember the number of the person you are looking to call, most people however, started writing the numbers down in their own personal telephone directory.

Remembering number to people you wanted to call became a thing of the past as the telephone became more popular. This was because the telephone companies started offering smart phone. This meant that you were able to store telephone number in the handset of the phone you owned, this became a sort of digital telephone directory, which is popular these days.

Now, searching for things became much easier, as there was a little invention called the internet. The internet made looking for things and keeping in touch with people one hundred times easier, as all you would need is a PC camera, a headset with a microphone, and an internet connection, and obviously your PC.

If you wanted to look for something, like cheap insurance quotes online, you would simply start your search with a search engine like Google. You have to remember that you will need to go through most of the results that come up, and then narrow down your list to about 5 companies that you are going to contact.

Are Directory Listings Worth It? A Look At Yahoo, DMOZ And More

One of the most common tactics of the erstwhile “SEO experts” was directory submissions i.e. submitting your website and description to various websites which categorized or classified them based on region, category or interest. Numerous software has been sold which does nothing more that submitting your website to various online directories. Then came online directory submission services which did not require any downloads or install. Each service would boast about how many more directories they could post to. The game was of numbers, not of the quality given to an end user who is browsing those directories. We take a look at what the status of web directories are how directories are fading into the sunset.


The Yahoo Directory shut down in December 2014, after a successful 20 years of being around. Yahoo’s Directory service was a paid service which listed businesses after a thorough review by Yahoo Editors. Yahoo started its business as a Directory and held much of the market share until the concept of Google came about. The sudden closure of Yahoo’s Directory bring up more questions in the mind of SEO professionals about whether Directory submissions still work, even if premium directories filter out spam entries. The answer is that directories probably do not work any longer, which is why there are just a couple of reputed directory services available online.


It’s said that the best things in life are free. DMOZ is also a free directory, which is part of the open directory project. It is one of the most difficult directories to get listed in, especially due to its extremely stringent and also very vague guidelines. Over the years, DMOZ’s credibility has reduced, mainly due to invalid links and no concrete action on dead links, expired domain names or businesses that have wound up. DMOZ’s directory is moderated by volunteers from around the world. Even the volunteer picking process is very stringent and not at all predictable. However, till date DMOZ remains one of the most sought after directory service, which every webmaster wishes to be listed on. Many webmaster’s have given up on resubmitting websites once they have been rejected. The most common grouse about submitting a website is that the approval guidelines are very vague and there is lack of clarity in the process.

Best of the Web

Best of the Web is one of the few directory services which has been around for a while and is still going strong. Or at least it seems so. BOTW has a list of paid editors who scan through fresh submissions and sift them according to their quality. Spammy content is removed and the list is constantly kept clean. The price that BOTW charges is $150 per submission. While this may sound steep, most other directories also charge this much. A newbie webmaster maybe quite put off by the pricing, especially because the value of the link is not easily quantifiable when compared to PPC / CPC advertising. But veteran SEO experts claim that the money is worth it and that it is a small price to pay for being listed in a PR 7 directory. However, many do not realise that all the pages will not have PR 7.

From the way things have been trending, it appears that Search Engines will no longer take directories very seriously and will give very little weightage to such links. This means that people who are visiting the directory are likely to find your services, but in the open market it maybe tough to be spotted. Although directories of repute can aid search engines in picking out relevant content, but then stricter and more transparent guidelines are needed.